Welcome to the Hotdoggers Longboard Surf Club – the oldest and largest longboard club in the UK.  We are based in North Devon at Saunton Beach, but are members are from all over the UK.

***** We are raising Money for a new judging truck as sadly our faithful old judging truck has come to the end of her days and will cost way to much to repair so please click on the pic bellow and donate at our GoFundMe page.****

Hotdoggers truck

So why join the Hotdoggers Longboard Surfclub? Well, a lot of our members live in cities a long way from the coast but still feel in touch and feel part of the local scene, its a great way to make new friends and surf with some of the UKs best longboard surfers. We can give you advice on longboard designs that would suit your needs, where to get the best deals on surf gear and tips on improving your surfing.

Surfing under the shadows of the cliffs and caves Saunton’s Hotdoggers surf club has been around for quite some time, this is how the club has evolved over the years: The club is the largest and longest running longboard club in the UK. It all started in the early 70’s with the Redwood Club, in 1984 it became the Chapter Hotdoggers, then in 1997 the club simply became THE HOTDOGGERS with the membership spiralling – thus becoming a nationally-recognised longboard surf club. Members ages range from 14 to over 70 years.

The Hotdoggers surfers are well travelled from France, Spain and Portugal to Hawaii, California, G Land, Australia and more. The club holds numerous contests throughout the year for all abilities, monthly gatherings, BBQs and other fun social events for members. The Hotdoggers club is about meeting new people, making friends and sharing sound advice but most of all it’s about having fun.

Our members range from juniors to the grand old masters and we cater for all abilities. The club has a great social and competitive scene running league events, social activities and even the famous annual surf trip, which this year is Sri Lanka.
In 2014 we  introduced stand up paddle (SUP) to the club and we have an active surf and SUP contest scene.
Whether you are interested in becoming the British champion or just hanging out with other loggers this is the club for you and your family.

Surfing England Info.

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Surfing England are proud to award Saunton Hotdoggers with our Surf Club of the Year award. An award that is given in recognition of a clubs commitment and service to its local community and members. Saunton Hotdoggers have an rich history stretching back to the early 70’s, and to this day consistently engage with their members, support judges and officials, run competitions for all ages and abilities, support charity work and channel its elite surfers to the highest level. Built and maintained by volunteers, they also actively work to support and promote the work and membership of Surfing England and align with our commitment to surfers and our community.

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Check out the amazing day we had at Lifeworks Breaking the Barrier surfing at Saunton Beach 2019.

Please can I, on behalf of my husband and Flynn pass on a massive thanks to yourselves and all the volunteers on Sunday.  I am told the event was brilliant (by Flynn) and amazing (by my husband) – he said he had a little tear in his eye watching Flynn and the guys doing their stuff in the water!!.  They both thoroughly enjoyed themselves – helped partly by the glorious weather – and could not express enough how lovely and kind and helpful everyone had been.”👍




Vice President – Richard Unsworth
07854 442651

Chairman – Andre green
07970 006073

Contest Director – Norman wright
07787 906525

Treasurer -Sam Bowen / Membership Secretary
07739 605583

Secretary – Paul Kennan
07850 769749

Social Secretary – Steve Burley

Website :
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